Line of Duty viewers are in meltdown after one revealing spelling mistake

Line of Duty series five episode three may have featured a nerve-shredding armed robbery and a horrible cliff-hanger for Ted Hastings’ wife – but it’s one small spelling mistake that has fans really talking.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the BBC1 cop drama spotted a telling error when John Corbett (Stephen Graham) received messages from the mysterious ‘H’ – the police officer at the heart of the show’s organised crime group (OCG).

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Messaging Corbett about a planned raid on a police facility, the crime boss typed: “Eastfield depot is definately high risk.”

It wasn’t long before viewers pointed out that there had definitely been a mistake in the scene.

Many are now speculating whether this misspelling will later identify the high-ranking bent copper.

It’s possible of course that this typo won’t mean a lot if ‘H’ has already been unveiled. After all, during the raid itself, DCS Les Hargreaves (Tony Pitts) was exposed as an officer with links to the OCG before dying at the hands of Corbett.

Was Hargreaves really the top dog behind those (poorly spelt) messages to Corbett? Is the hunt for the OCG boss finally over? Will the folks at AC-12 enjoy a fairly calm end of the series after all?

Don’t bet on it, fella. We’re almost guaranteed more twists unveiling other corrupt coppers are on the way. Let’s just hope Ted isn’t one of them.


Source:- radiotimes